Panduit Sta-Strap Nylon 6.6 Cable Ties

Sta-Strap Nylon 6.6 cable ties are a hallmark of Panduit's commitment to excellence in strap electrical solutions. These zip ties feature a distinct two-piece design, combining a durable nylon head with a versatile strap, setting a new standard for efficiency and functionality in the electrical industry. Designed for both normal bundling and through-panel applications, the Sta-Strap cable ties ensure optimal use of space in compact areas, thanks to their small head height.

The exclusive design of these cable straps not only facilitates the industry's lowest threading force but also makes the ties approximately 14% lighter than traditional one-piece plastic zip ties. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications where weight and ease of handling are critical considerations.

Availability is prompt, with most sizes readily in stock at the Panduit central European warehouse. For any out-of-stock items, we aim to deliver within a typical lead time of 5-7 working days.

Panduit Sta-Strap nylon cable ties are a preferred choice for applications that demand not only the securing of cables and wires but also the possibility for adjustments and modifications without compromising on strength or reliability.

Our product range includes:

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