Fasteners and Fixings

A large selection of fasteners and fixings, including Metal Mate fasteners, Rawl plugs, brazing rods, drill bits, Greenlee holesaws, jigsaw blades, bushes and organiser boxes.

In this section you can find:

  • Screws - machine screws, countersunk & round head wood screws and hexagon head scews
  • Bolts - phosphor bronze bolts, galvanised bolts, roofing bolts and hexagon head bolts
  • Nuts - bronze nuts, flange nuts, full nuts and nyloc nuts
  • Washers - plain washers, contact washers, rectangular washers, spring washers, phosphor bronze washers, lock washers, plastic nylon washers, shakeproof washers and lock washers
  • Studding / Threaded Rods - zinc plated, stainless steel, galvanised and mild steel
  • Anchors - loose bolt and projecting bolt shield anchors
  • Plastic Rawl Plugs - plastic screw wall plugs in yellow, red and brown
  • Brazing Rods - silver alloy and silver-containing copper phosphorus alloy
  • Drill Bits - HSS cobalt drill bits, HSS jobber drill bits, SDS drill bits, HSS blacksmith drill bits, masonry drill bits and Kwik Stepper bits
  • Holesaws - A wide range of bi metal hole saws from 14mm - 152mm and arbor drills
  • Jigsaw Blades - Bosch t118a jigsaw blade for metal
  • Empty Organiser Boxes - Handy storage containers to organise your fasteners and fixings
  • Hank Bushes - Hex and round hank electrical bushes - priced to clear! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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