Cembre Marking Genius Printer

Ideal for markers on cables, pipes, terminal blocks, and labels for electrical panels and equipment, the MG4 is compact, ergonomic, and operationally quiet, making it a perfect fit for any office environment.

  • Portable - Print anywhere with ease.
  • Power Options - Operate with AC or battery power for added versatility.
  • User-Friendly Interface - A 5” touch display ensures intuitive navigation.
  • WLAN Connectivity - Seamlessly connect for efficient printing.
  • App Integration - Enhance control with the Geniuspro Mobile app, available for Android and iOS
  • High-Quality Printing - Enjoy exceptional thermal transfer printing right out of the box.

In this section, you can find:

  • The Cembre MG4 Label Printer - including accessories such as carry bags, ribbons, spare battery, charger plug, templates and supports
  • Tie-On Cable Markers - MG-ETF markers in white, yellow, red, blue and green
  • Push-in Cable Tags - MG-TPM and and TPMF push-in markers
  • Tag Holders - PM and PMF transparent holders for various Cembre tags
  • Push-on and Clip-on Cable Tags - Cembre MG-TDM and TDMO style tags
  • Terminal Block Markers - Polycarbonate MG-CPM, Rigid CPMF and Flexible VYB
  • Component Markers - MG-TAR pre-cut legends in white, yellow, grey, red and blue
  • Legends, Legend Bases & Legend Rails - MG-TAP, MG-TAPW and MG-PTS Push Button Legends
  • Valve Tags - Dog tag style MG-DOG valve marking labels
  • Wraparound Markers - Self-laminating MG-KMP labels and KMC holders
  • Self-Adhesive Labels - Rigid PVC MG-TAA, PVC Film MG-VYT, Polyester MG-PYT, and Cotton Fabric MG-VCT
  • MG-PLC Device Labels - Available in white, yellow, green and grey
  • MG-SIGNS Rigid and Vinyl Labels - Precut in a range of shapes and colours
  • MG-VRT Panel Plates - Available in adhesive-backed or non-adhesive, with holes and without
  • Metal Detectable Tags and Labels - Blue Metal Detectable versions of MG-TPM, TDM, CPM and TAP labels

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