Electrical Wire Terminals Kits

Our selection of electrical kits and storage containers delivers practical, efficient solutions tailored for electrical professionals. These kits provide essential tools for a wide array of projects, while our versatile storage containers ensure optimal organisation and accessibility. Designed for functionality and ease of use, this range supports the high standards of professional electrical work, ensuring every task is managed with precision and reliability.

In this section, you'll find:

ECE French Bootlace Terminals Kit

The ECE-F-KIT1 French Cord End Terminal Kit by expressTERM is a practical choice for electrical professionals. This electrical ferrule kit comes in a durable carry case with removable compartments, with a selection of French colour-coded cord end terminals and a reliable ECET6 crimp tool. It's a direct reflection of expressTERM's commitment to delivering functional and reliable French kits for a wide range of applications. Ideal for both intricate tasks and heavy-duty work, the kit is designed to meet the high standards expected by industry professionals.

ECE German Bootlace Terminals Kit

The ECE-G-KIT1 German Cord End Terminal Kit by expressTERM is a streamlined solution for electrical professionals requiring German kits. This electrical ferrule kit is presented in a strong carry case with removable compartments, facilitating easy storage and organisation. With a selection of German colour-coded cord end terminals and a reliable ECET6 crimp tool, this kit is suited for a wide array of applications, ensuring precision and efficiency. Ideal for professionals who prioritise quality and functionality, the ECE-G-KIT1 is a testament to the efficiency and reliability that comes with German engineering.

RBY Pre-Insulated Terminals Kit

The RBY Pre-Insulated Terminals Kit is a comprehensive insulated terminal kit, ideal for electrical professionals. It comes in a sturdy carry case with removable compartments, offering a wide range of RBY terminals. This kit includes the ERT6 crimp tool, alongside a selection of pre-insulated terminals, including: rings, forks, pins, push-on spades, tabs, and butt connectors in red, blue, and yellow for easy identification. Designed for versatility across automotive, home, or industrial tasks, this kit ensures reliable, secure connections.

ECL Copper Tube Terminals Kit

The ECL-KIT1 Copper Tube Terminals Kit is an essential component of the ECL electrical range, designed for professionals looking for a high-quality ECL kit. This kit is presented in a durable carry case with removable compartments, ensuring that all tools and terminals are organised and easily accessible. It includes a specialised copper tube crimp tool and a variety of copper tube terminals, making it perfect for a wide range of electrical projects. Whether you're working on installations, repairs, or maintenance, the ECL-KIT1 provides the reliability and efficiency needed for effective electrical connections.

Empty Compartment Organiser Boxes

Our range of compartment organiser boxes are designed for professionals looking for storage solutions. Whether you need a small organiser box or a larger 50 compartment storage box, our selection caters to every requirement. Available in configurations with 4, 8, 15, 20, or 50 compartments, these compartment storage boxes feature removable dividers, allowing for flexible organisation of markers, fasteners, fixings, terminals, grommets, and more.

Each Compartment Box is equipped with built-in carry case handles for easy transportation, and snap lock lids to keep contents secure. For those seeking tailored solutions, our compartment storage boxes with removable dividers provide unparalleled versatility. Moreover, we offer bespoke kit options for compartment organiser boxes, ensuring you have the perfect setup for your specific needs. Email us at sales@expresselectrical.co.uk with your specifications and we’ll provide a quote.

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