Lockout Tagout

Our Lockout Tagout selection offers a comprehensive range of devices for sale, designed to support the effective implementation of LOTO regulations. This range ensures you have the necessary tools to maintain a secure working environment, safeguarding onsite personnel and adhering to workplace safety standards.

Our LOTO range includes:

  • Lockout Stations & Cabinets - LOTO boxes, padlock stations, key cabinets, wall racks, tool boxes, bags and pouches
  • Lockout Tagout Identification Labels - Identification tags, warning and safety lock out tag out EL-TAGs
  • Lockout Hasps & Cables - Steel and aluminium safety lockout hasps, dielectric hasps, multi-lock hasps, reusable adjustable cable lock outs & more
  • Lockout Tagout Kits - Master Lock electrical lock out and maintenance Kits
  • Padlocks - Master Lock, Steel Shackle, Nylon Shackle, Brass, steel, aluminium and LOTO industrial safety padlocks coloured red, green, black, blue, yellow, orange and purple.
  • Padlock Covers - security cover, weather cover, steering wheel lockout covers
  • Mechanical Lockout - Gate valve lockouts, (including AGVL and GVL types), ball valve lockouts including PBVL and S3476, butterfly valve lockout devices including UBFV and S3920.
  • Electrical Lockout - A variety of electrical lockout devices, including mini circuit breakers UNHT, SPCBL & SCBL, clamp circuit breakers, grip tight circuit breakers, and other electrical lock outs.

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