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Our Printers & Software section includes desktop and handheld cable label printers, software, and accessories for effective labelling. Featuring products from renowned brands like TE Connectivity, Cab, Graphic Products and Cembre, we support your labelling needs.

Additionally, we offer the UK's most extensive support for TE Connectivity systems. Our commitment includes free lifetime support with remote and on-site assistance, demonstrations, installations, training, and technical advice to enhance your labelling workflow.

In this department, you can find:

  • Desktop Thermal Transfer Printers - Thermal transfer label printers including cab SQUIX 4/300m, cab EOS2, TE T3212, T2212, T3224 thermal printers and T7112DS double-sided thermal transfer ribbon printer.
  • Thermal Transfer Printer Ribbons - Black and white thermal printer ribbons for ink-free thermal label printers.
  • Wintotal Labelling Software - Wintotal v7 and v5 available as a download with licence, USB Unlock Dongle or loaded onto laptop PC
  • Printer Accessories - Printer carry cases, label dispensers, heat shrink dispensers, external reel holders and adaptors, external unwinders, cutter attachment and perforator attachments
  • Printer Spare Parts - Replacement parts including drive rollers, printheads, printhead housing, printhead levels, transport module bases, media guides, printer covers, front control panels, label sensors, printer leads and printer cables for TE and cab label printers
  • expressMARK 76 - 38mm Core Adaptor - Allows products with 76mm cores to fit 38mm spools. This product is designed and sold exclusively by Express Electrical.
  • Cembre Marking Genius Printer - Cembre MG4 printer and consumables, including terminal block markers, valve marking tags, wrap around cable labels, self adhesive vinyl labels, metal detectable tags and more!
  • Graphic Products - Thermal transfer printers BroncoMax and ToroMax and vinyl for sale, as well as supplies for other printers such as Duralabel 9000, Kodiak, Lobo, Pro. Many items reduced to clear, including Pathfinder floor marking tapes and laminator.
  • Handheld Printers - Portable printers Brady M211 and Dymo Rhino Pro 5200. Dymo cartridges - heat shrink tubing and vinyl & polyester tapes
  • Identification Printer & Software Support - Did you know we have the largest technical support team for TE Connectivity identification printing systems in the UK?

At Express Electrical, we’re able to offer FREE lifetime support to our customers. Offering both remote and on-field support, our technical team is there to help with any tasks including:

  • Free demonstrations
  • Free installations
  • Free training
  • Free technical support

What is a label printer?

A label printer is a versatile tool that produces high-quality labels for countless applications across sectors like transport, construction, and manufacturing. It offers the flexibility to produce labels at any time, helps lower printing costs, saves time, and ensures professionals can maintain quality control.

What does a thermal transfer printer do?

A thermal transfer printer uses heat to transfer images onto a surface, creating durable labels for a wide range of applications. This method is ideal for producing long-lasting, high-quality labels that can withstand environmental challenges, ensuring clarity and quality control in professional settings.

What is the difference between direct thermal and thermal transfer printers?

Direct thermal printers use heat-sensitive paper to produce images directly, suitable for short-term applications. Thermal transfer printers, on the other hand, heat a ribbon to transfer images onto various materials, creating durable, long-lasting labels ideal for a wider range of uses and environments.

Do thermal transfer printers need ink?

Thermal transfer printers do not require traditional ink. Instead, they use a thermal ribbon that, when heated by the printer's print head, transfers the image or text onto the material. This process creates high-quality, durable labels suitable for various applications, offering precise control and quality.

Can you reuse a thermal transfer ribbon?

Thermal transfer ribbons are designed for a single-use process. Once the ribbon has passed through the printer and the heat has transferred the image onto the material, it cannot be reused for printing. This ensures each print maintains high quality and durability.

What is the best label printer?

When it comes to choosing the best label printer it can be quite a difficult task – whether it’s a handheld label printer or a desktop label printer, every product is designed to solve different labelling challenges. Therefore, the best one for you will depend on your application. However, it is useful to consider these questions before buying a label printer:

  • What size do I need my label printer to be?

    It is important to consider whether the printer will be used in an office or in a warehouse, because each location have different requirements. Warehouses can become dusty, and often individuals need labels in areas where space is limited. Therefore, Handheld Label Printers can be a useful tool as they are designed to withstand drops, damages and is the ideal solution for on-field applications. Desktop Label Printers may be more appropriate to use in an office as their size can restrict the ability to print-on-the go.

  • What is my required label life?
  • Are you looking for a label printer that can withstand harsh environmental conditions? Direct thermal printers are sensitive to heat and chemical exposure, so they won't stand up to these conditions. Thermal Transfer Printers transfer information using heat, making them ideal for printing labels in any environment and resisting smudging and smearing.

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