In our INSULATE & PROTECT section, you will find all the products you need for cable protection and cable insulation. Browse now and fill all your needs of supplementary protection and insulation for cables.

What is cable insulation?

Cable insulation (or wire insulation) is an insulating, nonconductive material covering the cable in order to physically protect the cable from mechanical damage and to prevent risks of electric shock.
Protecting the wires (which conduct electricity) with a nonconductive material means electricity will be confined to the metallic conductors. Insulation is essential to prevent electrical accidents and ensure the cables are safe to handle. It also provides physical protection for the wires from the surrounding environment.

We offer insulating tubing and sleeving products for an additional layer of protection against factors such as water, temperature, etc.

How to protect electrical cables?

There are many ways to protect electrical cables, depending on your needs:

  • Cable covers and ramps - They are essential to protect a cable that must be routed on the ground or floor. They minimize the trip hazard to people and can protect the cables from any mechanical damage from vehicles driving over them.

  • Heat shrink tubing - This is a protective insulation that shrinks around a cable when heat is applied. It is a very efficient, cost-effective and easy solution to add an additional layer of electrical insulation and mechanical protection to a cable.

  • Adhesive lined heat shrink has a layer of hot melt adhesive inside which will melt when the heat shrink is shrunk. This provides a weatherproof seal against moisture ingress. Heat shrink tubing is best applied using a heat gun.

  • Braided sleeves- It comes in different materials for different uses, from flame-retardant materials to mechanical protection. Generally, they are an especially a good choice for long cable lengths as they are easy to install compared to PVC or Heat Shrink Sleeving. The open weave construction allows some flexibility with size of cable or bundle it can accommodate.

  • Neoprene sleeves - They are made from flexible synthetic rubber and have excellent mechanical and insulation properties. They are resistant to oil and petrol, and non-corrosive to metal.

  • Spiral binding - This is way of organising and protecting bundled cables. It is flexible and allows for twisting and stretching, and its structure allows for cables to branch out at any point and in any direction. It is a low-cost and re-usable product.

  • PVC sleeves - They are made in flexible, high-grade virgin compound material. They are ideal for insulating wires and give robust, efficient protection. We offer lead free PVC sleeves that are self-extinguishing.

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