Engraved Labels

Looking for engraved labels? Welcome to Express Electrical.

With almost four decades of industry experience, we specialise in crafting bespoke electrical labels, signage, engraved tags, and switch labels in an array of vibrant colours.

How It Works

  1. Add your desired quantity of engraved labels to the basket.
  2. Email us your data at sales@expresselectrical.co.uk. You can download our Excel template or email us your own spreadsheet.
  3. Sit back and relax as our seasoned team handles the rest!


Explore our FAQs below or reach out to us directly for any queries about our custom engraved labels for electrical panels or any other services.

What are panel labels and what is the best placement of the labels?

Electrical panel engraved labels are affixed to electrical panels to furnish essential information about the circuits they contain. The optimal placement of these labels is typically adjacent to or above each circuit breaker, control panel or switch, ensuring easy identification and accessibility.

How do you label electrical equipment?

Electrical equipment can be labelled using durable markers or labels that signify crucial information such as equipment type, voltage ratings, and safety warnings. They can be affixed by adhesive back or through fixing holes.

What are the safety requirements for electrical panels?

Electrical panels must conform to specific safety requirements to ensure the safeguarding of personnel and equipment. These encompass proper labelling, unobstructed access pathways, adequate ventilation, and compliance with pertinent electrical codes and regulations.

What materials are used for the engraved labels?

We utilise high-quality micro-surfaced impact acrylic suitable for electrical environments. Our engraved panel labels are UV stable, temperature tolerant (-40°C - +90°C) for interior or exterior use and feature a classic non-glare, highly durable matte finish. Our engraved labels offer a flexibility that is far superior to traditional traffolyte materials and that is why they have become an industry-wide standard.

What customisation options are available for the labels?

We offer a wide range of customisation options, including size, colour, text, symbols, and graphics. The items on our website are some of our most popular selections. Our team can collaborate with you to craft labels tailored to your specific requirements. Please email us at sales@expresselectrical.co.uk if your requirements aren’t listed here and we can send you a quote.

What is your label engraving process?

Our labels are crafted with advanced laser engraving technology to ensure precision and durability to create the desired designs.

How do I order engraved labels online?

  1. Choose from your desired colour, size and quantity from our online catalogue. A range of popular sizes and colours are listed online, however if you don't find what you need please contact us.
  2. Add the desired quantity to your basket and provide your details during checkout.
  3. Place your order online and send your information to sales@expresselectrical.co.uk. You can use a digital format or download our Excel template .
  4. Expect 2-3 day turnaround in the delivery of your labels to your office or work site.

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