Neoprene Sleeving

Neoprene Sleeving is a flexible rubber sleeve available in a wide range of colours. Neoprene tube sleeves have excellent properties of protection, are resistant to water, oil and petrol and not corrosive to metal. We carry a range of cable sleeve expanders, expander tools and lubricant for ease of installation.

In this department you can find:

  • Neoprene Sleeve Kits - Sleeving kits containing 5 colours in a portable organised cable sleeve kit with option to purchase with or without KY2 neoprene sleeve tool and lubricant
  • Standard Neoprene Sleeves - SES-Sterling 0201 Helavia neoprene sleeves available in different colours and sizes.
  • BS3858 Neoprene Sleeves - SES-Sterling 0201 Helavia neoprene sleeves that meet specifications of BS 3858 Type 1C. Available in different colours and sizes.
  • Expanders & Lubricant - SES KY cable sleeve expander tools in various sizes: KY1, KY2, KY3, and KY4. We also carry SES lubricant for ease of application and protection.
  • Hellermann Helsyn Sleeves - a small selection of Hellermann Tyton polychloroprene connectors specially priced to clear existing stock. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

What is neoprene sleeving?

Neoprene sleeving is a flexible, durable protective covering made from neoprene rubber. It is widely used to insulate and protect wires, cables, and hoses against abrasion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, ensuring reliability and longevity in various industrial and electrical applications.

What is the purpose of sleeving?

The purpose of sleeving is to provide protection and organisation for wires and cables. Sleeving shields against abrasion, heat, chemicals, and moisture, extending the lifespan of the cables. It also enhances safety by preventing electrical shorts and facilitates neater, more manageable cable routing in various environments.

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