Heat Shrink Tubing

Benefits of Heat Shrink Tubing:

  • Electrical Insulation - Heat shrink sleeving prevents electrical hazards by providing a protective barrier around wires.
  • Strain Relief - Heat shrink reduces stress on connection points, safeguarding wires from damage.
  • Organisation and Bundling - Ideal for tidying installations by grouping and organising wires.
  • Identification and Colour Coding - Available in various colour options for easy wire identification.
  • Environmental Protection - Adhesive lined heat shrink is an excellent solution for sealing cable joints or termination

Here you can buy various types of heat shrinkable tubing, including our expressPRO brand and TE Raychem.

We also stock a selection of high-quality essential tools like heat guns, nozzles and gas refills for ease of installation.

In this department, you can find:

  • EHS General-Purpose Heat Shrink - A flexible, flame retardant, general purpose heat shrinkable polyolefin available in reels or mini reels
  • ATUM Adhesive-Lined Heat Shrink - An adhesive lined flexible polyolefin which provides a moisture proof seal after shrink recovery
  • DR25 Diesel-Resistant Heat Shrink - Resistant to aviation and diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils and suitable for long-term fluid exposure at high-temperatures
  • ZHTM Low-Toxicity Heat Shrink - Flexible, thick-wall, heat-shrinkable with low smoke emission and low evolution of acid gases. Useful in marine applications, mass transit systems, and offshore installations
  • BPTM Busbar Insulating Heat Shrink - Manufactured from a non-halogen based polymer and suitable for both circular and rectangular copper or aluminium busbars. Shrinks snugly over the busbar profile ensuring the minimum wall thickness is obtained for proper insulation
  • HVBT High Voltage Busbar Tape - HVBT is a heat shrink, adhesive-coated tape which provides insulation and protection against accidentally induced flashovers. Combines the integrity of heat shrink tubing with the versatility of wraparound products.
  • Heat Guns and Accessories - Essential tools for precise heat shrink applications. We stock Steinel heat guns, cordless hot air guns and various nozzles and gas refill accessories.

What is heat shrink tubing?

Heat shrink tubing, sometimes called heat shrink sleeving, is a plastic tube that insulates cables or wires, providing protection from abrasion and environmental factors. It shrinks onto the cable when sufficient heat is applied. It is mostly used in electrical work to provide protection and insulation. It is most often made of polyolefin, and is manufactured in various colours and sizes.

What is heat shrink used for?

Heat shrink tubing is used to insulate and protect wires in industries including construction, manufacturing, and telecommunications. It forms a durable plastic seal that guards wires against abrasion and adverse weather conditions, while also being fire-retardant, ensuring a high level of protection for electrical connections. It can be used to repair a cable jacket that's been nicked. It can also be used for colour-coded identification of cable jackets.

What material is heat shrinkable tubing?

Heat shrinkable tubing is typically made from thermoplastic materials such as polyolefin or diesel resistant heat shrinkable elastomer. These materials have the ability to contract when heated, tightly wrapping around cables and wires to provide insulation, protection, and strain relief.

Is heat shrink tubing flexible?

Heat shrink tubing is a flexible material that can go over different sizes of cables and terminals. The bigger its ratio, the more it can shrink down, meaning it can go over a cable section with parts of various sizes, as long as it’s correctly chosen.

What is a shrink ratio?

The size of heat shrink is the unshrunk diameter of the product. The ratio is the amount that it can shrink by. For example a 2:1 heat shrink can shrink to a maximum of 1/2 of its unshrunk diameter. A 4:1 heat shrink shrinks to a 1/4 of it's unshrunk size. Make sure to consider the diameter of your terminal especially when using post-termination.

How to use heat shrink tubing:

To use heat shrinkable tubing, slide it over the wire, ensuring it extends past the area to be covered. Heat the tubing evenly with a heat gun until it shrinks tightly around the wire, providing insulation and protection. Avoid overheating the heat shrink sleeve to prevent damage to the wires underneath

What should I use to heat shrink?

When it comes to heat shrink applications, a heat gun is your reliable companion to provide precise control, ensuring that heat shrink tubing fits perfectly. For electricians and professionals who frequently work with heat shrink materials, a quality hot air gun is a valuable tool.

A Steinel heat gun, a cordless hot air gun and two nozzles

Can I cut heat shrink tubing?

Yes, wire shrink wrap can be cut into pieces or shorter lengths using scissors, a sharp knife or cutting machinery. However, it is not recommended to cut it lengthwise as this can compromise its integrity and protective properties, leading to potential issues like loss of waterproofing and environmental protection

When would I use clear heat shrink tubing?

Clear heat shrink tubing is useful in situations where you want to see through the tube and keep what is underneath it visible. It can also be used to give added protection to heat shrink wire markers.

What is adhesive lined heat shrink tubing?

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubing is wire heat shrink tubing that has an inner adhesive lining, which melts when heat is applied, providing a more complete and solid sealed protection. This is a moisture-proof solution that is also extra resistant to environmental conditions such as shaking or vibrating, for example.

Is heat shrink diesel resistant?

Most heat shrink is not diesel-resistant; however, specific products like EHS-D2 and DR-25 are exceptions, designed to withstand diesel, aviation fuels, hydraulic fluids, and oils at high temperatures. This diesel resistant heat shrink provides exceptional mechanical protection and abrasion resistance, making them suitable for use in demanding sectors like military, marine, and motorsport.

What material is used for busbar insulation?

For busbar insulation, materials like TE Connectivity's Raychem BPTM heat-shrinkable tubing, made from a non-halogen-based polymer, and HVBT high voltage insulation tape, a heat shrink adhesive-coated tape, are commonly used. These materials provide durable protection against flashovers and environmental factors, ensuring safety and reliability.

What is an alternative to heat shrink tubing?

An alternative to heat shrink tubing is braided cable sleeving or spiral wraps. These solutions are preferable for scenarios requiring easy reapplication or adjustment, as they offer flexible protection and organisation without needing heat. They're ideal for managing multiple wires or cables and facilitating future modifications.

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