Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tape is an indispensable tool used in various settings to guide traffic, mark hazards, and organise spaces.

Our heavy duty industrial line marking tape available in smooth and anti-slip textures. A range of colours available including orange, yellow, blue, white, green, black, red and warning striped.

  • Textured - Our EFMT-3T is a textured tape ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Smooth - Our EFMT-3S is smooth, hygienic, and perfect for areas requiring cleanliness and a sleek appearance.
  • Our tapes are suitable for various applications with no curing time.
  • Installation is easy. Simply clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol, wait for it to dry, peel back the liner and apply.
  • Backed by a 3-year quality guarantee.
  • Try Before You Buy! Request a free sample by emailing sales@expresselectrical.co.uk

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What is floor marking tape used for?

It's used for marking safe walkways, designating storage areas, highlighting hazards, and maintaining efficient traffic flow in workspaces.

What are the different types of floor tapes?

Types include textured tapes for slip resistance, smooth tapes for hygiene-critical areas, heavy-duty tapes for high-traffic zones, and specialized tapes like zebra tape for hazard marking.

What considerations should be made when choosing floor tape?

Assess the application area, traffic levels, and specific needs like waterproofing or concrete surface compatibility to select the appropriate tape.

How do you apply floor marking tape?

Clean and dry the floor area, peel the backing off the tape, and apply it firmly to the surface.

What are the benefits of heavy duty line marking tape?

Our heavy duty PVC line marking tape is designed for high-traffic areas, offering superior durability and longevity.

What is zebra tape?

Zebra tape, usually black and yellow, is used to indicate areas that require caution or have increased hazards.

How can I find the best line marking tape near me?

We are UK-based and ship worldwide, ensuring easy availability of the best line marking tape to your location. Find out more on our Shipping Information page.

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