Panel Trunking

Slotted panel trunking, also referred to as finger trunking or wire duct, is an essential component in electrical panel building. Its design features removable slots, allowing for efficient organisation, routing, and concealment of wires and cables within panels. This facilitates easy access for adjustments and maintenance, ensuring the setup is safe, orderly, and visually neat, which is critical for effective panel management and operation.

In this section, you can find:

  • SES Open Slot Trunking - GN and GF-type electrical trunking available in grey, blue and black
  • Iboco Narrow & Standard Slot Trunking - T1, T1E and T1F slotted trunking with lid
  • Iboco Dinosaur - Flexible cable routing duct
  • Iboco Trunking Accessories - Spare covers, internal separators, cable retainers and plastic rivet tools
  • SES Panel Trunking Cutters - Manual trunking cutting tools for panel trunking
  • Betaduct Panel Trunking - Priced to Clear - When they're gone, they're gone!

What are the benefits of Panel Trunking?

Panel trunking is a type of cable trunking that is made from plastic materials such as self-extinguishing PVC, polypropylene, or halogen-free PC ABS. Panel trunking has many benefits that will help improve the organisation, safety and cable management of electrical installations:

  • Cable Protection - Electrical trunking guards against mechanical damage and accidental impacts, ensuring cables remain intact and operational.

  • Improved Aesthetics - Panel trunking makes electrical work look more professional by consolidating multiple wires into one group.

  • Easier Cable Management - The fingers within slotted trunking allow for easy access to the wires, making maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting a more efficient process.

What are the different types of Panel Trunking available?

At Express Electrical we offer a selection of panel trunking in various colours, sizes and material properties. To help you understand what one is best for you, we’ve summarised a few important terms below:

  • Open Slot Panel Trunking – Open slot trunking is designed to contain panel wiring. The open slots ease installation and maintenance of your panel wiring. We offer a range of open slot panel trunking available in a variety of colours including blue, black and grey .

  • Narrow Slot Panel Trunking - In comparison to open slot panel trunking, Narrow Slot Trunking has a more slots and is normally used with smaller DIN rail terminals which have a narrower pitch.

  • Halogen Free Panel Trunking – Halogen free panel trunking, such as the GN-HF-A6/4 and GN-DIN-SH-A7/5, are a type of trunking that is does not contain any halogens such as chlorine or bromine. Halogen free cable trunking is an excellent solution for any applications that require a flame retardant and smoke resistant solution.

  • Dinosaur Flexible Cable Ducting - Iboco's "Dinosaur Duct" is an innovative wire management solution, crafted from self-extinguishing polypropylene for resilience and flexibility. This coverless duct features a strong epoxy adhesive backing for secure mounting and allows for easy wire additions and removals. The adhesive backing is especially useful on doors where drilled mounting may not be desired.

What is a cable retainer?

A cable retainer is a versatile component designed for wire ducts, facilitating easy wire and cable management without compromising the duct's integrity. It offers strain relief and prevents bulging, ensuring wires are organised and aesthetically pleasing. Installation is straightforward, requiring no drilling, making them reusable and efficient for maintenance and new setups alike.

What can I use to cut trunking?

For precise and clean cuts in panel trunking, a PVC trunking cutting tool is essential. These devices are specifically designed for cutting through trunking with ease, ensuring a neat finish and effortless installation. Opting for the right tool can significantly enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your project.

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