Industrial Tapes

A range of industrial and general purpose tapes suitable for a wide range of applications. Adhesive backed and non-adhesive tapes for use in the electrical industry.

  • Floor Marking Tapes - Heavy duty industrial line marking tape available in smooth and anti-slip textures.
  • Warning & Barrier Tapes - printed warning tapes including electrical warning tape, isolation strip, safety tape, barricade tape and underground caution tape.
  • Aluminium Foil Tape - UV Resistant metal aluminium strips with adhesive backing
  • Duct / Gaffer Tape - Premium electrical duct tape available in three colours: black, silver / grey and white
  • Denso Tape - Denso-style petrolatum wrapping tape
  • Double-sided tape - Double sided foam tapes available in 4 widths
  • Self-Amalgamating Tape - Waterproof silicone-rubber amalg tape for cables, electrical joints, hoses and pipes
  • HVBT - High Voltage Busbar Tape - TE Raychem heat shrink busbar insulation tape
  • Masking Tape - General purpose masking tape in 25mm, 38mm and 50mm widths
  • PTFE Tape - White PTFE teflon strip tape 12x12m
  • PVC Insulating Tape - Coloured electrical tapes in black, brown, red, yellow, green, green/yellow, blue, grey and white

What is PVC insulating tape?

PVC insulating tape, also known as “electrical tape”, is a versatile, adhesive tape made from polyvinyl chloride, designed for electrical insulation. It's used to wrap electrical wires and cables, preventing short circuits and electrical leaks by insulating connections and splices, offering resistance to moisture, abrasion, and corrosion.

Is PVC insulation tape sticky?

Yes, PVC insulation tape is sticky, featuring an adhesive backing that allows it to securely wrap around electrical wires and cables for insulation purposes. This stickiness ensures a tight seal, protecting against electrical leaks, short circuits, and environmental factors like moisture and abrasion.

What is the use of warning tape?

Warning tape is used to mark dangerous areas, steer people away from hazards, and show where specific dangers like off-limits zones or underground cables are. It helps keep places safe by offering clear signs to avoid accidents.

What is barrier tape used for?

Barrier tape is used to block off areas where access is restricted or to highlight temporary hazards. It serves as a visual warning to prevent entry into unsafe or prohibited spaces, effectively managing foot traffic and enhancing safety in various environments.

What is the difference between PTFE and Teflon tape?

Teflon tape and PTFE tape are essentially the same product made from the same material, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Teflon is a brand name for PTFE, with both being used interchangeably in various applications like plumbing and sealing threaded connections. The difference lies in the name only, with Teflon being a trademarked brand of PTFE.

What is self-amalgamating tape used for?

Self-amalgamating tape is commonly used in electrical applications to seal, repair, and protect hoses, pipes, and cables. It is particularly effective for outdoor electrical joints, marine settings to protect ag.ainst weather, and in plumbing and automotive repairs like fixing leaks and radiator hoses.

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