Hole Punching Tools

A selection of Greenlee and Cembre Hole Punch Tools, Dies and Accessories. In this section you can find:

  • Greenlee Hole Punching Tooling - Including the LS50Flex , Slug Buster, Hydraulic Punch 7804E, and Hydraulic Ram and Punch with Foot Pump
  • Greenlee Hole Punch Systems - including Speed Punch punch and die sets, Slug Splitter Punch & Die Kits, and Slug Buster hole punch sets
  • Cembre Hole Punching Tooling - Electric Battery Hole Punch Tools and Hydraulic Hole Punch Tools
  • Cembre Hole Punching Dies - Round, Square and Rectangular Punch Die sets
  • Greenlee Bits - Kwik Stepper Bit and Combi Bit Sets
  • Greenlee Holesaws - A wide range of bi metal hole saws from 14mm - 152mm and arbor drills

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