Constant Force Springs

Our range of constant force springs, sourced with confidence from reputable manufacturers including 3M and our own expressTERM brand. Our Constant Force Springs Catalogue offers comprehensive details on sizing options, materials, and specifications.

What is a Constant Force Spring?

A constant force spring is constructed from a high-quality steel coil, designed to deliver a consistent force when extended or retracted. This type of extension spring, made from a tightly wound steel strip, is engineered to maintain constant tension across its length. This ensures a stable amount of rotational force when the spring's end is attached to a spool, crucial for applications requiring precise torque.

Industrial Applications of Constant Force Springs

Constant force springs are essential in a wide range of industrial applications due to their ability to provide reliable torque and tension.

Their primary uses include:

  • Counterbalance systems
  • Retractable mechanisms
  • Healthcare devices, where accuracy and dependability are critical
  • Precision applications in various industries

Our constant force springs, offered in diverse sizes and specifications, serve the requirements of manufacturers and suppliers within the UK and internationally. Focused on electrical and mechanical solutions, we ensure high performance and longevity in our products.

Our selection, supported by a commitment to excellence and customer service, includes options for various applications, from standard coil springs to specialised tension and cable mechanisms. Partnering with leading names like 3M and leveraging our expressTERM range, we provide solutions that meet the stringent standards of industry professionals seeking efficient spiral springs or precise cable mechanisms.

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