Releasable Cable Ties

Panduit releasable cable ties offer an efficient solution for managing cables where changes are anticipated, making them ideal for development, production, or servicing.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor environments, Panduit releasable cable ties are available in nylon or polypropylene plastic, to suit a variety of applications.

These reusable zip ties feature an extended release tab, which facilitates easy unlocking and reuse, highlighting their utility in applications requiring frequent adjustments.

Panduit Releaseable Cable Ties

  • Panduit Pan-Ty Releasable Nylon 6.6 Cable Ties
    These nylon releasable cable ties come in natural colour for indoor use or black for indoor or outdoor use. The black nylon version is weather and heat resistant up to 115°C (239°F).

  • Panduit Pan-Ty Releasable Nylon 6.6 Lashing Ties
    These heavy duty nylon cable ties are amongst the strongest Pan-Ty® Cable Tie available. These UV resistant zip ties are suitable for either indoor and outdoor use in high temperature application up to 115°C (239°F).

  • Panduit Pan-Ty Releasable Polypropylene Lashing Ties
    These heavy duty polypropylene cable ties are UV resistant and chemical resistant where high loop tensile strength is not required, especially in the presence of hydrochloric acid acid, salts and based. These zip ties are suitable for either indoor and outdoor use in high temperature application up to 115°C (239°F).


Can cable ties be undone?

Traditional cable ties are typically designed for single use and must be cut to be removed, which means they cannot be reused. However, releasable cable ties can be undone using their built-in release mechanism, allowing them to be opened and reused as needed.

What are reusable cable ties called?

Reusable cable ties are often referred to as releasable cable ties. They are designed to allow for their unlocking and re-use without cutting, making them a versatile tool for managing cables in situations where adjustments or changes are likely.

What is a releasable cable tie?

A releasable cable tie is a type of cable tie designed with a mechanism that allows it to be easily opened after being applied. This design enables the cable tie to be reused, making it ideal for temporary holds or applications where wiring may need to be added, removed, or adjusted.

How do you release releasable zip ties?

To release a releasable zip tie, press down on the release tab or mechanism located on the head of the cable tie. This action loosens the tie, allowing you to pull the tail out and open the tie for reuse or adjustment.

Are releasable cable ties reusable?

Yes, releasable cable ties are reusable. They are specifically designed to be opened and closed multiple times without damaging the locking mechanism, making them suitable for applications that require frequent changes.

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