C Sleeve Connectors

Our Earthing & Protection section includes C Sleeve connectors and crimping dies, featuring copper and tin-plated Cembre sleeves, Klauke C Clamps, and Klauke dies for electrical applications.

  • Klauke C Clamps - including MCK types - tin-plated multi-range copper electrical c-clamps
  • Klauke C Clamps - including CK types - CK16, CK25, CK35, CK50, CK70, CK95
  • Klauke K4 Crimping Dies - including HMC44, HMC410, HMC435, HC416, HC425
  • Klauke K13 and K22 Crimping Dies - View the Klauke Crimping Die Chart
  • Cembre C Sleeve Connectors - including copper and tin plated C sleeves
  • Cembre C Sleeve Crimping Die Sets- View the Cembre Crimping Die Chart

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