ETM Wire Markers (Military Grade)

Our expressMARK ETM Military-Grade Heat Shrink Wire Markers are engineered to meet the most demanding wire and cable marking requirements.

  • Shrink Ratio - 3:1
  • Diameter - Choose from sizes ranging from 2.4mm² to 38.1mm² unshrunk diameter
  • Sleeve Length - Four sleeve lengths available, to meet space and character requirements
  • Colour Options - Select from a palette of nine distinct colours: white, yellow, red, green, blue, violet, black, orange and grey
  • Perforated Edges - Remove markers without the needs to remove the coloured side tapes. This leads to less mess and a faster install time.
  • Write-On Side Carrier -You can hand write information relating to the printed markers directly on the side carrier. Also shows part number and QA code.

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