Bootlace Ferrules

In this department, you can find a range of insulated and uninsulated bootlace ferrules including:

  • Selection Kits - ECE French and German kits, RBY Pre-Insulated Electrical Terminal Kits, and ECL Copper Tube Terminals Kits
  • Bootlace Ferrules - French & German Colour-Coded, Twin Entry, and Uninsulated Ferrules
  • Bootlace Crimping Tools - Cembre, Klauke and expressTERM Bootlace Crimpers

What are Bootlace Ferrules?

Also known as cord end terminals or end sleeves, Bootlace Ferrules are copper tubes that are crimped over the end of a stranded wire. They are mainly used to provide a reliable connection for wire end termination on stranded conductors. Utilized often in industrial and commercial environment, boot lace ferrules can provide excellent protection to a wire and offer mechanical advantages, making it a very popular cable accessory to use during electrical installations.

When to use Bootlace Ferrules?

Bootlace Ferrules are a useful accessory to use in circumstances that present safety risks. By adding a ferrule to a wire termination, it will reduce the contact resistance between the wire and connector, whilst also reducing the oxidation in the wire strands through less air space. This helps reduce the risk of damage to the wire and helps protect against contact. Therefore, bootlace ferrules are commonly used in applications that require an reliable connection such as control units, circuit breakers or switching cabinets.

What are the Different Types of Bootlace Ferrules?

At Express Electrical, we have many different types of Bootlace Ferrules to use in a wide variety of applications :

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